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  • 法國PRECIA-MOLEN稱重傳感器


    CSP-M :10t,25t,40t,60t,100t
    SCL 35 t : 3 500 d (C3.5) and 2 x 3 500 d (C3.5MB)
    SCL 35 t Ex : 3 500 d - C3.5
    SCL 55 t : 3 500 d (C3.5) and 2 x 3 500 d (C3.5MB)
    SCL 55 t Ex : 3 500 d - C3.5
    ASL 30t: 3500 d (C3.5) 
    ASL 30 t Ex :3500 d C3.5 
    ASL 50 t :3000 d (C3)
    ASL 30 t Ex :3000 d C3
    FA3000 i 系列:   Accuracy class: D1、C3、C6
                      Capacities: 10-20-50-100-200-500 kg
    CMA load cell:   CMA300、CMA500、CMA1000
    CMI Load cell:    CMI500、CMI1000、CMI2000、CMI5000

    TA-I 500、TA-I 100、TA-I 2000、TA-I 5000


    I400D-M、 I400D-MS 、I400TB 、I400TB-S、I400SDU 、I400WLC;
    Process 12、Process13c/14c/T1c、Process 15、Process Satellite Dosing application、Process NUM SI : AFNSI、ISIA、ISIC;
    Mascon-3 ABS ;
    Siwarex FTA;

     Alpha II listing printer
     TM 295 ticket printer
     IBE 94 ticket printer
     LQ300 listing printer
     P100 ticket printer
     P950 label/sticker printer ;

    (remote) Displays:
     D200 display
     ABC57 display
     ABC100/160/250 displays
     RVO remote display (-0+ indicator) ;

    Interfaces / adaptors:
     DeviceNet ;

    Vehicle weighbridges fixed position :
    VS-110 C/P 40 to 100t
    VS-120 C/P 40 to 80t
    VS-125 C/P 40 to 70t
    VS-200 C(/P) 30 to 100t
    VS-200 CS(/P) 30 to 100t
    VS-200 S(/P) 30 to 100t
    VS-300 CS 30 to 60t
    VS-300 S 30 to 60t ;

    Vehicle weighbridges Mobile versions :
    VS-950 S/R 30 tot 60t
    VS-920 S/R 30 tot 70t
    ROC (pdf)
    7ELEM (pdf)

    Railway weighbridges WS-110;
    Truck dumpers Weighing and non-weighing:
    EVS-T weighing truck dumper
    VS-T non-weighing truck dumper ;

    Traffic controlFor weighbridges;

    Weighbridge self-service units and terminals
    For weighbridges and various other applications :
    BI300 self service unit ;

    Standard scales:
    Precia Access electronic scales
    C 100 electronic scales
    C 200 B / C 200 M electronic scales
    CK 100 electronic platform scales
    CR 100 electronic platform scales
    CR 100-S electronic platform scales
    CK 200 electronic platform scales
    CR 200 electronic platform scales
    CR 200-S electronic platform scales;

    Mobile weighining instruments Multiple applications:
    MCW Crane hook weigher
    TPW Weighing pallet trucks
    LTF / LTW Weighing forks / fork unit for lift trucks
    WWS Axle weighers ;

    Platform scales
    For every industrial weighing need the right solution :
    K range platform scales industrial use
    R1 GM platform scales table top / floor use
    Jet'FP P Pallet scale
    R1 DL range platform scale table top use
    R4 SB-S range Low profile platform scales
    R4 range Industrial platform scale ;

    Dynamic weighing :
    ABS hopper scales
    Bulk scales for weighing of bulk goods :
    ABS-XL hopper scales, standard and ATEX
    ABS-XL-SCS hopper scales, standard and ATEX
    ABS-XT throughput weigher
    Hopper scale automation / Process Control Software;

    Check weighers
    TLV dynamic check weighers ;
    Bagging scales:
    BMG / DPG + BMB bagging scales
    BMC bagging scale
    BMX bagging scale
    BMN bagging scale ;

    Bagging lines

    Robot Palletizers

    Auxiliary equipment ;

    Dynamic bulk weighing:
    Dynamic bulk weighing
    Belt weighers: Weighing frames and weighing controllers
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    Weighing frames
    MP ;
    Weighing controllers:
    ROL 470 (single scale)
    ROL 460 (single scale)
    ROL 400 (multiple scale  ;

    Dynamic bulk dosing
    Belt weighers: Dosing frames en dosing controllers:
    Dosing frames
    Dosing controllers
    REG 460 (single scale)
    REG 400 (multiple scale)
    PEP 400 (multiple scale)



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